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Omotenashi means to treat or entertain someone sincerely and warm-heartedly, whether that person is a visiting guest, a business contact, or a friend or acquaintance. It also means not to entertain the guest to achieve some kind of self-satisfaction, but to be quick in perceiving the guest's needs, desires, and the overall mood, and to entertain the guest accordingly. Such is the spirit of Japan. 

Things to know

  1. Always carry cash with you on your journey in Japan. While many hotels and retail outlets take all forms of payment, small shops and restaurants only take cash.
  2. There is no tipping system in Japan.
  3. There are many hot springs and public baths, however, it should be noted that they refuse admission to customers who have large tattoos as it is often associated with suggestive content matter. 

Japan Tips

To save on getting around once you arrive, purchase a JR Pass, which will allow you unlimited train travel and is far less expensive than purchasing one-way trips. Remember though, you must purchase this before you arrive in the country!

Japan rail Pass

Japan Air Pass is a discount ticket for domestic airline tickets that can only be used by those residing in countries other than Japan. It is sold by JAL (Japan Airlines) which is a member of ONEWORL and ANA (All Nippon Airways) which is a member of Star Alliance. Since it is an air pass that can not be purchased in Japan, please purchase before departure to Japan. Depending on the path, it can be used from at least one section and up to five sections can be added.

Japan Air Pass


There are four distinct seasons in Japan and each one offers a unique experience. The changing seasons offer an array of beauty and colours throughout the country.

Spring (March to May): Spring in Japan is very beautiful with cherry blossom in bloom. People enjoy the Ohanami festival during spring time where they share a meal with friends or family under the cherry blossom tree. During spring, there is relatively nice weather throughout the country. Spring is a favourite time of year for Japanese people and if you want to capture the beauty of Japan, spring is the best time to visit.

Summer (June to August): Summer in Japan is very hot and humid but it's a great time to enjoy swimming or outdoor activities. Summer in Japan is famous for the fireworks festival, where locals wear the Yukata - a traditional summer outfit in Japan - and enjoy the festival with family and friends.

Autumn (September to November): During autumn in Japan, you can take in the beautiful fall foliage. Hiking is probably the most rewarding way to see the beautiful natural areas of Japan.

Winter (December to February): Winter in Japan is very cold and some areas receive a lot of snow. Hokkaido is especially known for its cold climate and beautiful snowy scenes in the countryside.

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