Elizabeth Buchanan

Certified Travel Counsellor & Luxury Travel Specialist

Elizabeth's career in travel initially started due to her love and passion for travel. She was inspired to dive into the industry of romance travel after her experience booking her first destination wedding. Elizabeth has been planning destination weddings since 2008. After years and years of learning the Dos (and don'ts) of destination wedding planning, she started her own company in 2014, creating Paradise Weddings. She is attentive to her wedding clients' vision and is committed to guiding them every step of the way, ensuring that all plans are executed perfectly. Elizabeth's love and passion for travel extends beyond her work in the industry. She is an active volunteer of Give A Mile, a Calgary-based not-for-profit organization that provides flights (through crowdfunding initiatives and the donation of travel points), and gives individuals the ability to visit terminally-ill friends and family members.

Don't forget your travel insurance! As someone who has had to use it on several occasions, I can tell you first hand it's worth it's weight in gold.



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