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Planning an adventure while travelling can be challenging. Exodus offers one-of-a-kind travel experiences to adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and discerning travellers. Their wide range of active and adventure-focused itineraries provide a hassle-free way of exploring the world.

Choose your Adventure

Exodus Travels provides an incredible variety of active and adventure-focused tours. These include coastal walks, summit hikes, road cycling, canyoning, kayaking, canoeing and everything else in between. Exodus Travels’ vision is to experience the world in unconventional ways.


Cultural Experiences

In addition to offering a multitude of refreshing experiences, Exodus Travels also provides enriching and cultural activities that bring the traveller closer to the destination that they are exploring. Whether it’s discovering the native wildlife, exploring historical ruins or enjoying the hospitality of the local communities, each activity is meant to showcase the rich culture of the destination.


Exciting Destinations

Exodus Travels offers comprehensive travel to some of the most exotic destinations around the globe. Discover vast regions around Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, Oceania and even Antarctica and the Arctic.


Travel at your Pace

While Exodus Travels specialize in active and adventure travel, their tours and itineraries are not limited to high-adrenaline experiences. A positive travel experience is deeply rooted in having complete freedom to travel your way. Their collection of tours and trip itineraries cater to both fast and leisurely-paced activities.


The Journeys Difference

Our team of travel experts has the ability to create and select the perfect Exodus Travel itinerary for you. Speak to one of our Travel Specialists at 1-855-685-6885 or [email protected] to plan your adventure of a lifetime!


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For over 30 years, our Travel Professionals have been creating inspirational tailor-made holidays and are proud of our reputation as one of the leading travel providers in Canada. With Journeys by Escapes, you can reach even the most distant corners of the world, in any travel style you desire.

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