Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises break the barriers of the typical cruise experience. Known as the world’s best small ship cruise line, it aims to reinvent the concept of “group travel,” creating a sailing experience that encourages clients to step away from the crowds and towering decks.

Unique Vessels

Their graceful fleets carry no more than 300 guests, transforming each trip into a private yacht experience, making every guest feel like the ship is their own. Each guest is pampered from the moment they start their voyage.


Closer to the World

In addition to their luxurious staterooms, world-class dining experiences and chic amenities, this fantastic luxury cruise line gives travellers a closer look at their destinations of port, connecting them to the world and their vibrant communities.


Tailored Luxury

Luxurious amenities, experiences and services are built into each and every sailing voyage. Guests have the freedom to select as many or as little of these experiences, with pure customization being the ultimate goal.


Enriching Add-Ons

Windstar Cruises believe that an enriching travel experience happens both off and onshore. Events, guests lecturers and culinary demonstrations are offered during voyages to enrich the sailing experience. This is extended onshore with a variety of culturally-rich shore excursions.


The Journeys Difference

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